Artist Showcase: Fajer Fadhel

Posted on April 14, 2016

Fajer discovered her passion for makeup artistry at a very young age. She has spent most of her childhood going back and forth from Kuwait to Spain, which is where she developed her skills as an artist, studying art and understanding color theory that quickly became the backbone of her Make-Up career today. Fajer’s edge is driven from the pure combination of both Make-Up and visual art, forming the core of her success today. In a very short span of time, Fajer has worked with top fashion designers, on runways, short films and famous magazines in which elementwo products were mainly used in all her works.

Today, Fajer serves as an official Brand Ambassador to Elementwo Pro in Kuwait. Fajer is also an official elementwo instructor, qualified to use and teach with all of elementwo’s makeup and equipment.

You can see more of Fajer’s work on her official website:




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